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Family friendly hotel

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Family friendly hotel

A lot of attraction

The Prezydent Hotel is a charming place, most suitable for a weekend or your dream holiday with the family. And when we can family, we literally mean the whole bunch of them, not only the mum, dad, children, but also all these more distant relatives and your pets, too! We will take everyone, even if they’re furry, and we shall take good care of them, really. Our comfortable rooms, fabulous and healthy cuisine, including the vegetarian one and lots of attractions both indoors and in the close neighbourhood – that is our recipe for the success.

Family Relaxation Zone

On the premises of our hotel complex, there’s a whole myriad of opportunities to have good time. You can play volleyball and badminton, table football or tennis football, depending on your current fancy. And if you’re fond of some more extreme leisure, why don’t you burn some calories at the gym, while biking or during a kayaking trip. Breathe in some fresh air when walking around the 2, ha park, relax in the shadow of the trees or warm your bones up on the deckchair at the pond. And in the evening, enjoy a family campfire or a grilling feast.


Kids’ Zone

Our facility has been granted the prestigious title Family Friendly Hotel, which is why we put so much effort and clearly as much soul in the care of these most important Guests of ours. We want them to be merry and entertained. All these attractions we have prepared will surely be to their liking.


One of the surprises is the original, safe, external playground with the trampoline, ladders, swings, slide and sandpit.

Additionally, we wholeheartedly invite all the Little Ones to the perfectly equipped playroom “Zabawkolandia" (“Toy Land”) where they shall find a wide palette of interesting games and toys. There are crayons, creative stuff, colouring books, decorations and much more. So have no fear, simply leave your kids here and enjoy some privacy, exploring the Prezydent Hotel. For extra charge, our animators can organise captivating artistic workshops, quizzes, contests and animations in the form of team games, fitness trainings as well as singing and dancing workshops.

Accessories available on the premises of our facility will certainly give you a helping hand in taking care of your offspring.

The Restaurant offers:

  • Plastic dinnerware sets and cutlery
  • Feeding chair
  • Disposable bibs
  • Menu for children
  • Bottle warmer – please ask the waiter for help

In the corridor bathroom, you will find a changing table with disposable underlays, disinfecting liquid and a cheerful rattle to keep your Little One entertained when changing their diapers.

Our Reception can on request rent you the following equipment:

  • Cot with a colourful bed set, a warm blanket and a comfy mattress – additionally paid, one single charge - 40 PLN/piece.
  • Additional pillows for children
  • Additional hand- and bath towels for children
  • Changing table
  • Container for dirty nappies
  • Bags for dirty nappies – additionally paid service
  • Bath tub / merry anti-skid shower matt
  • Chamber pot, toilet set cover, bathroom platform
  • Air humidifier
  • Bottle warmer
  • Baby phone,
  • Electric kettle,
  • Socket covers, door protectors
  • Plastic bowl for washing
  • contactless thermometer
  • First aid kit with merry sticking plasters
  • Meals for babies – additionally paid service
  • Windows opening systems – please book this service before arrival
  • Storeroom for prams
  • Books and games for various age groups
  • Colouring sets – the service is available at the Playroom “Zabawkolandia” (“Toy Land”)

Active children can also take advantage of our bikes, there are bikes for the whole family available.

In case of any health problems, we can provide you contact data of the: nearest pharmacy / general practitioner, paediatrician / gynaecologist / nurse.

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