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Our SPA was created for everyone who wants to take care of health and beauty, rest, relax and get away from everyday life.

It is a unique place for a comfortable rest combined with care and rejuvenating treatments with a wide range of rituals, massages and treatments for two.

Our offices are modernly equipped and filled with a unique fragrance composition, dedicated especially to our SPA.

We work with the highest quality cosmetics.

Qualified staff watches over your comfort, who will make sure that your visit to the SPA Hotel Prezydent **** is an unforgettable experience to which you will want to come back as often as possible.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the new offer of treatments:

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Global Lift  - 60 min    400 PLN

A skin lifting program that lifts the contour of the face. A treatment focusing on the oval, chin, face volumetry. The ingredients contained in the treatment preparations strongly firm, smooth the skin, and at the same time have an anti-wrinkle effect. Thanks to this, it is possible to use a surgical procedure that is produced, an energetic, deep massage focuses on developing the neckline, eye, jaw line and cheeks, thus fighting gravitational wrinkles, a falling oval, a second chin. The effects of the treatment can be seen on the second or third day after the procedure. Take advantage of technological lifting therapy with the power of active anti-age ingredients.


Dermation is a way to painlessly inject active substances into the dermis - where no cream, serum or mask can reach. smoothing wrinkles, lifting, firming the skin, calming and strengthening dilated blood vessels, deep hydration, alleviating acne, reducing scars and stretch marks, slimming, accelerating hair growth and strengthening it. Treatment cocktails used during the therapy are selected in a targeted manner, providing the skin with exactly what it needs the most, and clients with what they care about the most.
The skin after the treatment, regardless of the selected cocktail and the intensity of the action, is soothed, brightened, without unpleasant effects - swelling, redness, overstimulation.

Therapy recommendations:

When developing a specific skin problem, we recommend 4 treatments at weekly intervals, and after a series, once a month to maintain the effect, preventive action, as regular effective care.


Body - one batch - 30 min    500,00 PLN

Treatment for a specific part of the body - front / back of thighs, buttocks, sides, abdomen, arms. It has a slimming, firming, soothing and brightening effect on stretch marks as well as softening and regenerating scars. An individually selected treatment cocktail is introduced deep into the dermis with the Dermation device. The treatment is painless and does not require convalescence. Give yourself the skin you've been dreaming of in a painless way, using natural and safe preparations.

Hair - 30 min   350,00 PLN

The treatment is performed in the area of ​​the scalp affected by alopecia. The product is applied strand by strand to prepare the skin for the active phase, which is a cocktail aimed at strengthening the existing hair and stimulating the bulbs to grow new hair. The effect of the treatment is thickening the hair, strengthening it and dealing with persistent hair loss. The treatment is painless and does not require convalescence. Stop the process of falling out and enjoy thick, strong hair.

BASIC face - 45 min    350,00 PLN

The treatment covers the skin of the face. After make-up removal and a properly selected peeling, using the Dermation device, we inject a cocktail individually selected for the needs of the skin, bringing its active ingredients to the dermis. Finally, a properly selected cream from the Derma Organic series with a natural composition is applied to the face. The treatment is painless and does not require convalescence. Give your skin exceptional care tailored to its current needs.

ADVANCED face, neck, neckline - 60 min   450,00 PLN

The treatment covers the face, neck and cleavage area. It begins with make-up removal and mild peeling, followed by the application of two treatment cocktails selected individually to the skin's needs using the Dermation device into the dermis. We work in two directions here - combining, for example, smoothing with an effect on vessels, firming with a lifting effect, hydration with an anti-acne effect. The active phase is followed by gentle calming with an algae mask tailored to the needs of the skin. Finally, the Derma Organic cream is massaged into the skin. The treatment is painless and does not require convalescence. Let yourself experience the power of innovative technology and natural preparations in the Dermation treatment with the use of Organic Series natural cosmetics and enjoy your skin full of glow.

PREMIUM face, neck, cleavage​ - 75 min   500,00 PLN

The treatment covers the skin of the face, neck and cleavage. It starts with make-up removal and appropriate peeling. Then, using the Dermation device, active substances from two treatment cocktails selected individually for the needs of the skin are injected up to the level of the dermis. The synergistic effect of the ingredients used, penetrating all the way to the dermis, is intensified by the addition of peptides to the cocktails, which strongly regenerate the skin and reduce mimic wrinkles. In addition, it supports the action of Filler - a product that smoothes wrinkles and furrows, applied directly to sensitive parts that reveal the passage of time. After the active phase, an appropriate algae mask is applied, followed by an individually selected natural cream from the Derma Organic series. The treatment is painless and does not require convalescence. Treat yourself to smooth, taut skin by choosing safe, painless care based on natural cosmetics and revolutionary technology.


Classical massage  - 60 min    240 PLN
Relaxation, calmness, nourishment -  these three words describe the best known massage, which is most often performed when you have pains or diseases in our body. The massage perfectly nourishes the skin, stimulates the muscles and makes the joints more flexible. It is preceded by a ritual foot bath. It also stimulates the metabolism, oxygenates the body and relaxes. Thanks to the use of the highest quality natural oils Marula & Apple, your skin will be nourished and moisturized.

Classical partial massage - 30 min    150 PLN
Classic massage of a selected part of the body followed by relaxation with a cup of green tea.

Face, neck and neckline massage  - 30 min    150 PLN
Massage thanks to which you will take care of smooth, firm and healthy skin. It stimulates the facial muscles, improves microcirculation and the oval of the face, relaxes, ensures well-being, relaxation and radiant appearance. The massage is preceded by a thorough make-up removal to properly prepare your skin and hyaluronic acid will be applied to enhance the care effect of the treatment.

Anti-cellulite modeling massage - 45 min    200 PLN
Modeling massage with the use of bamboo sticks, brushes and Chinese cupping. It supports weight loss by relaxing adipose tissue and has an anti-cellulite effect, and thanks to the modeling and draining effect it reduces swelling. During the massage, we stimulate microcirculation and eliminate water stagnation, reduce muscle tension and remove toxins.

Shiroabhyanga- Indian head massage with hair oiling 30 min    170 PLN
A deeply relaxing and caring massage originating in India. The hair is poured with warm sesame oil, on which the shoulders, face, head and partially back are massaged. The muscles are massaged, and the tension caused by stress builds up there. The feeling of deep peace and respite is combined with the caring effect of the oil on the hair and scalp.

Hot stone massage - 60 min    260 PLN
Massage has a soothing and relaxing effect, and eliminates stress. It soothes, calms and helps to overcome muscle pain. Hot stones give a feeling of being enveloped in warmth, and the carefully prepared composition of essential oils contained in shea butter has a relaxing effect. Marula & Apple Tree oils, extremely rich in nourishing ingredients, will rejuvenate and firm your skin.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage 90 min    360 PLN
A unique, deeply relaxing massage performed mainly with the forearms to the rhythm of Hawaiian music. The treatment soothes the senses, relaxes the muscles and is especially recommended for people exposed to chronic stress who need a moment of forgetfulness and rest. In the past, this massage was treated as a rite of passage - it was performed at moments important to Hawaiians.

Abhyanga- Ayurvedic massage60 min    240 PLN
A deeply relaxing massage thanks to flowing movements and a large amount of sesame oil, which is poured over the whole body during the treatment. It also has a rejuvenating, and stimulating effect. It will regenerate, moisturize and nourish your skin, as well as harmonize your body and mind. Used as one of the most important treatments in Indian natural medicine.

Balinese massage 60 min    240 PLN
A deeply relaxing massage based on an alternating intense and very gentle touch. The use of essential oils with the scent of lemongrass, exotic verbena is refreshing, and shea butter is nourishing. Especially recommended for back and leg pains. During the massage you will experience acupressure, stretching, aromatherapy and even Ayurvedic elements at the same time.

Lifting Fusion 3D – face, neck and neckline massage 60 min    240 PLN
Facial massage that intensely stimulates, smoothes, eliminates puffiness and light bruising around the eyes, removes the effects of fatigue. After the treatment, your face will be radiant and your skin will be extremely nourished and smooth. The massage consists of three stages, it begins with drainage - drainage of water and detoxification, then the muscles of your face, neck and décolleté will be put into a state of deep relaxation and relaxation in order to work out all parts of the face affected by the adverse effects of time and gravity in the third, most intense phase. . Before the massage, thorough make-up removal will be carried out to properly prepare your skin, as well as the applied hyaluronic acid to enhance the care effect of the treatment.

Quiro- Spanish massage of the face, neck and neckline - 30 min    160 PLN
The massage has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect, it focuses especially on the nape, neck and neckline area, where the signs of aging are most visible. The use of hyaluronic acid and rejuvenating oils stimulates and nourishes the skin, giving it a unique glow, youthful appearance and beautiful color.

Thai foot massage  - 30 min    140 PLN
This massage wonderfully reduces the feeling of sore and heavy legs. It covers the feet, calf and knee area. It cleanses of toxins, supports the immune system, the endocrine system and the work of internal organs, thus soothing the nerves and reducing the level of stress. It also positively influences the quality of sleep, putting you in a state of deep relaxation.


Presidential - 105 min    480 PLN
A luxurious, rejuvenating, nurturing and relaxing ritual that begins with a unique foot bath. Then, with a peeling massage we rejuvenate and cleanse the skin so that it absorbs as many beneficial and active substances as possible from the compress containing apple stem cells. While your body is deeply moisturized and nourished, your face will be massaged with the highest quality three-molecule hyaluronic acid, which will hydrate the skin and improve its firmness and oval. A head massage with hair oiling will relax, reduce tension and give your hair shine. Finally, a deeply relaxing and caring body massage will relax and calm you down. The ritual is accompanied by aromatherapy with essential oils and a cider drink that will stimulate the senses, soothe and relax.

Revitalizing hematite & charcoal - 105 min    460 PLN
A cleansing, detoxifying ritual rich in minerals, preceded by a foot bath. At the beginning, your body is subjected to a smoothing peeling with the addition of organic mud and charcoal, which will cleanse the skin, and particles of black sand will gently exfoliate it. In the next stage, a mud compress with hematite extract is spread over the skin, which strengthens its defense mechanisms, firms and remineralises it. Then the body is wrapped in foil and a face massage is performed, preceded by the application of three-molecule hyaluronic acid with a deeply moisturizing effect. Oiled hair with a head massage completes deep relaxation. After washing off the compress, sea buckthorn butter with excellent nourishing, moisturizing and moisturizing properties is massaged into the body to complete the treatment.

Hemp ritual - 105 min    430 PLN
The ritual begins with a foot bath. In the next step, we will subject your body to an exfoliating salt scrub with a refreshing scent of lemongrass and exotic verbena. The skin prepared in this way will absorb the benefits of the cannabis balm that will envelop your body. While the skin is drinking the nourishing lotion, we will take care of your face. Massage with hemp oil and hair oiling is preceded by rubbing in a few drops of three-molecule hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize the skin.

Firming and anti-cellulite - 90 min    430 PLN
An intense modeling ritual that starts with the feet bath. To stimulate blood circulation and prepare the skin for the absorption of active ingredients, your body is subjected to a salt, aromatic peeling. After cleansing, we will perform a stimulating body massage with the use of sea buckthorn and carrot oil. Then, using bandages soaked in active ingredients, we wrap individual parts of the body and cover them with foil. During this time, we perform a face massage, preceded by the application of three-particle, deeply moisturizing hyaluronic acid to the skin. Finally, remove the bandages and massage the firming balm into the body.

Rejuvenating Sea Buckthorn & Carrot - 90 min    350 PLN
A smoothing ritual for your body, full of vitamins and nutrients, preceded by a ritual foot bath. Salt scrub with cranberry seeds will remove calluses, soften the skin and prepare it to receive the beneficial substances of sea buckthorn and carrot butter. After cleansing the body, a massage takes place with the use of butter with an exceptionally rich composition, the scent of lemongrass, exotic verbena with a wonderful nourishing and deeply moisturizing effect. After the ritual, the skin is soft, nourished and has a healthy golden color.

Rejuvenating Sea-buckthorn & Carrot Partial - back  - 45 min    190 PLN

The ritual includes ritual washing of feet with hot compresses, sea buckthorn peeling and back massage. The 100% natural cosmetics rejuvenate and moisturize the skin. Perfect as a quick renewal for busy people who want to relax in a short time.

Smoothing Marula & Apple - 90 min    350 PLN

The ritual foot bath opens a sensual, aromatic treatment that will nourish and moisturize your body. The sugar peeling will not irritate your delicate skin, but only exfoliate callous scarfskin, smooth it and prepare it to receive valuable ingredients contained in marula and apple seed oils. Body massage with the use of beneficial butter with an exceptionally sensual scent will put you in a state of relaxation, and moisturize and soothe the skin.

Smoothing Marula & Apple Partial - Back - 45 min    190 PLN
The ritual includes washing the feet with hot compresses, apple-marula peeling and a back massage with butter with marula and apple seed oils. Perfect as a quick renewal for busy people who want to relax in a short time.

Indian ritual - full body and head massage with hair oiling - 90 min    350 PLN

A combination of Abhyanga and Shiroabhyanga massage which is full body and head massage. During the massage, the body is poured with a large amount of warm sesame oil, which will perfectly soothe the body and gently bring your mind into a state of deep relaxation. Pouring the oil on the hairline and scalp deeply relaxes. The muscles that most often accumulate tension caused by stress are massaged. Deep peace and relaxation for the mind combine with the caring effect of the highest quality oil.


Sea-buckthorn Love ritual for 2 people 90 min    640 PLN

The ritual begins with a shared bath in magnesium salt, which will replenish the deficiencies of this element in the body. A glass of Prosecco and chocolates will relax the muscles and delight the palate. Under a shower with a heated bench, you will peel each other, thanks to which the body will become velvety and toned. The next stage is a relaxing massage with the use of moisturizing and rejuvenating sea buckthorn and carrot butter with a summer aroma of exotic verbena and lemongrass, which will relax and soothe the senses.

Sensual fruits of love for 2 people  - 90 min    640 PLN

The ritual begins with a magnesium bath with Prosecco and chocolates. In the shower with a heated bench, lovers give each other a peeling, which smoothes and relaxes. Then, to deepen the relaxation, we perform a relaxing massage using a nourishing, smoothing butter with Marula & Apple oils with a sensual aroma will relax and soothe.


Magnesium-fruit bath with auto peeling for 1 or 2 people   - 45 min    240 PLN/ 250 PLN (2 people)
A deeply relaxing water massage that works on the skin and muscles. An additional advantage of the treatment is that magnesium penetrates the skin, replenishing its deficiencies. All surrounded by candlelight, aromatherapy essential oils to choose from: energizing lemongrass and exotic verbena or a fragrance composition of 5 essential oils of bergamot, rose, vanilla, cedar and sandalwood. For the delight of the palate, excellent chilled cider is served. This form of relaxation can be an independent treatment or a great introduction to one of our massages.

Full body peeling massage - 30 min    160 PLN
A full body massage with particles of salt, sugar or sand and fruit seeds suspended in precious oils. They beautifully cleanse and smooth the skin, which becomes velvety to the touch and visibly toned. Aroma therapeutic essential oils energize the soul! You can choose one of the 3 versions of peeling - salt with the scent of lemongrass and exotic verbena, sugar with a composition of essential oils of bergamot, rose, vanilla, cedar and sandalwood, or with coal and organic mud with a fresh, mineral aroma.

Peeling back massage - 20 min    110 PLN
This treatment is perfect as a quick renewal for busy, overworked people who want to give their skin a little care. The treatment is preceded by applying warm compresses to the feet. 3 types of peeling to choose from - salt and refreshing sea buckthorn and carrot, sugar and sensual Marula & Jabłoń and coal with organic mud

Hair oiling with a head massage -  30 min    170 PLN
We start a unique care ritual for the body and spirit by applying hot compresses to the feet. A head massage is a deeply soothing, calming, stress-relieving treatment that will bring relief and relaxation. The combination with hair oiling introduces an element of exceptional care. Choose one of the 4 fragrance variants: refreshing sea buckthorn and carrot oil, sensual Marula & Apple oil, Indian sesame oil, herbal hemp oil.

Intensive anti-cellulite treatment on selected parts of the body - 75 min    340 PLN
Intensive anti-cellulite effect, smoothing and firming the skin after just one treatment, which begins with an acid peeling applied to selected parts of the body. Prepared in this way, exfoliated skin will make the most of the cocktail of anti-cellulite ingredients. After applying the ampoule and an intense stimulating massage, we intensify the anti-cellulite effect by spreading the mask on the skin and performing an energetic massage. While the body is resting, wrapped in foil, we take care of the face by performing a relaxing massage with sensual marula oil, preceded by the application of three-molecular hyaluronic acid to the skin.


Power Hyaluronic  - 60 min    330 PLN
A deeply hydrating treatment for chapped, pinched, and seasonally dehydrated skin that requires immediate hydration. The leading ingredient - hyaluronic acid, retains moisture in your skin like a sponge, and the richness of moisturizing substances hydrates it, smoothes, soothes and protects against water loss. Soft, smooth and relaxed skin are the main effects of this exceptional care.

Eternal - The flagship treatment of our SPA - 60 min    350 PLN
Face care based on the rejuvenating effect of apple stem cells. A banquet treatment with an immediate effect of radiant, brightened, calmed skin. Due to the use of anti-aging ingredients such as fennel extract, French lavender and vitamin C, it is a great choice for skin struggling with the first signs of aging and vascular skin. A cocktail of rich ingredients has a tightening effect, preventing sagging, and strongly regenerating your skin. The effect of such care is visible immediately.

Corrective - 90 min    450 PLN 
Tightening therapy for your skin. Care inspired by aesthetic medicine treatments aimed at smoothing out deep wrinkles and expression lines. The peptides used in the preparations stimulate the skin to produce collagen, which increases its firmness and smoothness. The richness of flavonoids and common oat extract have a firming effect, soothing at the same time, accelerating skin regeneration. The treatment effect evolves from the first day of the treatment to 4-5 days, making your skin smooth, nourished, full of radiance and natural beauty. During the treatment, a massage is performed, which additionally stimulates the circulation and muscles to work, making them more flexible and oxygenating the skin.

Power C  - 60 min    330 PLN
Brightening therapy based on the antioxidant, anti-aging effect of vitamin C, enriched with extracts of pomegranate and acai berries. A unique care that adds glow to the skin, strengthens the vessels and brightens discoloration. A great choice for skin in need of regeneration, after sunbathing, at the first signs of aging and tired. It will restore your skin's radiant look, elasticity and healthy color.

Men Energizing  - 60 min    350 PLN
The treatment dedicated to men focused on regeneration, hydration and protection of the skin against micro-injuries. Silicon contained in the preparations supports tissue renewal, vitamin C brightens and improves skin tension, thermal water soothes irritations, and taurine has a refreshing effect. An excellent choice for irritated skin that requires moisturizing or soothing. Your complexion will love this treatment!


Chocolate and apple massage - 30 min    170 PLN
Body care for children with a chocolate-fruit aroma! Performed with real chocolate and apple seed oil, the massage of legs, back and hands is a real treat! The valuable ingredients of the oil show soothing properties, so it is safe for very sensitive skin. Before the procedure, children receive a sweet snack


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